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Ever have an urge to do something different? Scottsdale, Arizona native Scott Kilpatrick and some school buddies got an urge to take sushi beyond a typical tranquil setting to one of high energy in a trendy, party like atmosphere to draw a hip crowd to the cuisine. Knowing little of running an upscale sushi operation, Scott reached into his school days and sought out Tai Obata, an accomplished sushi chef, to create a menu that would be appealing, adventuresome, and boggling to the senses. The concept of RA Sushi Bar Restaurant was born and quickly took Arizona like a storm. That storm came to Atlanta in June 2009. This is not your typical sushi bar even though RA has available for the traditionalist nigiri, sashimi, and maki sushi, but for us that like to walk on the wild side, there is Chef Obata’s “new world” fusion sushi with multi-faceted flavors and textures.

A sushi bar wouldn’t be a sushi bar without its host of thirst quenching libations and RA does it right with its classy in- and outdoor bars. The drink menu designed by Alex Summer is fun and sexy. The Blushing Geisha is raspberry lemonade- flavored drink that features Skyy Berry Vodka and a Raspberry Liqueur with a splash of lemon-lime soda - this is way too easy to enjoy. But, isn’t life meant to be enjoyed? If you want something a little edgy there’s the Shiso Naughty, made with the sensuous fruit flavored X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Skyy Pineapple Vodka that’s shaken with a yuzu sour mix and garnished with a minty shiso leaf - nice to be naughty once in awhile. Besides these arousing drinks, RA offers some outrageous sakes- try the sparkling Kizakura Stars Pure Sake with refreshing citrus-like flavors; it’s pleasing to the soul and more.

After a drink or two, with energetic house music pumping, the mood gets right for some of the treats that RA’s ATL Head Sushi Chef, Ramar Navarro, has to offer. The fish, flown in daily represents the finest available from purveyors around the world. The signature Viva Las Vegas Roll is a kani kama crab and Philadelphia cream cheese roll that’s flash fried for some crunch, topped with spicy tuna, crab, and garnished with a fried lotus root chip then drizzled with a sweet eel sauce. It is too good to eat in more that one bite. The flavors dance across the palate in the New Zealand Roll - the smokiness of the salmon is balanced by the sweetness of mango that’s topped with buttery scallops, juicy kiwi, and crunchy sautéed cashews, and drizzled with a mango tobiko and sweet eel sauce. The otherworldly Gojira Roll is a delight to look at before tearing apart. This stacked roll is made with shrimp tempura, surimi crab mix, cream cheese and cucumber, then topped with spicy tuna and spinach tempura bits and served with a spicy sriracha and mayo sauce. The sriracha is plated in the mayonnaise to look like flames around the towering sushi - absolutely to die for.

Besides these exotic new world sensations, RA digs back to its Arizona roots with the RA Chips and Salsa - a mound of spicy tuna tartare that’s mixed with cucumber, avocado, and fresh salsa and served with freshly prepared wonton chips - simply dig in and enjoy. The taste jolting Chili Ponzu Yellowtail is thinly sliced yellowtail with jalapeno, cilantro, and cashews in a Kochjan chili ponzu sauce. Then there is the newly added Crispy Onion Albacore. This highly prized seared white tuna is served with a garlic ponzu sauce, crispy onions, and micro-greens.

After such intoxicating taste, can RA caress the senses any better? By taking a banana, pieces of white and dark chocolate, rolling it in a wonton wrapper then flash frying it, you have the sensual Banana Split Maki - the warm soft banana with the melted gooey chocolate is OMG good. To really make this dessert decadent, some seasonal fruits and whipped cream are added. RA Sushi Bar Restaurant is a fun place to go when your party zone needs stimulating; just let loose, and enjoy RA’s pleasures with friends or those soon to be friends. As all will come to know, “It’s more fun in the RA.”

LGBT FRIENDLY ***** (Party-Like Atmosphere)

FOOD ***** (Half Priced Happy Hour)

PRICE **** (Foods to be Shared)

AMBIENCE ***** (Outdoor Dining/ Bar)

DRINKS **** (Exotic Drinks/ Sake/ Teas)


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