Thursday, March 10, 2011


Is it Wednesday yet??? If so, you really need to hustle downtown to one of the hippest restaurants in ATL. ROOM at Twelve Centennial Park is offering an all-you-can-eat sushi happy hour from 5:30PM to 7:30PM for $10 on Wednesdays. Whenever I hear the word sushi, my taste buds instantly perk, as it is one of my favorite cuisines to dive into, yet it is the most difficult for me to write about. Sushi is either really, really good or really, really bad. At ROOM at Twelve Centennial Park, the sushi falls into the really, really good category. The multi-talented Executive Chef Nick Oltarsh oversees the kitchen and has assembled a menu that will please any appetite, especially if you’ve got that sushi urge going.

A memorable sushi dining experience special must have three attributes that under no circumstance can ever be compromised. They are quality, presentation, and mouth feel. ROOM hits all of these plus oh so much more. Besides the foods, a great dining experience is defined by the feel. When the feel is good, fun soon follows. The ambience of ROOM has the feel and is the perfect playful setting to have fun with friends or soon to be friends.

Start the happy hour with a glass of the L de Lyeth Cabernet Sauvignon with its lush blackberry and plum flavors or the exclusive Robert Sinsky Concentrics Cuvee Merlot with its velvety harmonious fruit. Both have great mouth feel and go well with sushi, as it allows the delicate nuances of the seafood to sparkle. For those who wish to be a bit more traditional during the sushi happy hour, there is an all you can drink of the house sake for $5. But I would strongly suggest the Ozeki Hyarei, high gravity sake… OMG the warm sensation is so pleasurable and it tastes so down right sexy.

The Sushi Night menu offers the ever so popular California Roll made in the inside-out form with the rice on the outside of the nori paper. This western originated treat is made with imitation crabmeat (tapped my ruby reds three times wishing for real snow crab, but…), fresh avocado, and a tiny amount of juicy cucumber. There is also the Eel Roll with barbecued fresh water eel – unagi – with slivers of crunchy cucumber. The outside of this maki roll is brushed with a semi-sweet teriyaki sauce that adds a nice balance to the subtle salty, smoky flavors of the delectable eel – this is melt in your mouth happiness!!! Both of these are great entry points for first-timers, but be warned, they are addicting…

My two favorites are the traditional spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls. Both fish are prepared the same way - finely diced then mixed with spicy srirachia, scallions, and tempura flakes. The mixture is spread inside the roll onto the rice with the nori paper wrapping around these heavenly treats. The tuna has a mild, meaty flavor, whereas the salmon has a slightly creamier oily taste. Because these decadent tangy rolls are so mouthwatering good, just be mindful of the occasional drool as you go for seconds.

So circle Wednesdays on your calendar and join in the fun and sushi at ROOM. And yes you can do it each week for only $10, so sit back and chow down on these masterfully created sushi rolls for as long as you like – what a deal! Besides, eating something that’s nutritionally good isn’t bad either. The next time you are told to go to your ROOM, I guarantee that you will be smiling, as fun is just right down the road.

NOTE: The Dinner Menu has a more encompassing list of sushi offerings that are worthy of your palate’s consideration. And if you decide to venture there and keep those chop sticks going, I recommend getting the stellar seared ahi tuna that’s served over a wakame sesame seaweed salad that’s sprinkled lightly with a citrusy ponzu vinaigrette- the flavors and textures are perfectly seductive.


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